Pit Bull Attacks Florida Police Officer

February 1, 2010

Jacksonville Dog Bite / Personal Injury Lawyer.jpgA Florida Police Officer was charged by a pit bull and the officer had no choice but to shoot and kill the dog. The police officer was responding to complaints about a loose pit bull in the area when he located the dog. As the officer tried to approach the pit bull it attacked the officer. The officer had to shoot the pit bull twice in order to stop the attack. The animal was taken to a near by Florida Animal Control center while an investigation ensues. The pit bull did not have a collar and no one has come to claim the animal.

Jacksonville residents need to be weary of stray dogs in their neighborhoods. Stray animals can become violent and even attack when approached by someone unfamiliar to them. As a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer I have handled numerous cases of dog bites and animal attacks. An injury from a dog bite can be severe and leave lasting scars on the victim.

In Jacksonville, Florida a dog bite case is a serious matter, usually involving injury to a minor child. A Florida dog owner will always be liable for the actions of their dog. Their negligence is not based on prior bad acts of the dog or previous aggression toward others. If you or a loved one has been injured from a dog bite, contact a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyerto discuss what legal remedies may be available to compensate you for your injuries.