Florida Woman Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Comcast

October 27, 2010

Jacksonville Wrongful Death Lawyer.gifThe widower of the 81-year old woman filed a wrongful death action against Comcast stemming from their improper handling of the woman's 911 call. The wife, Sidell Reiner, died from her injuries she sustained while preparing for Thanksgiving dinner last year.

According to the Complaint, while Seymour, the husband, had gone to pick the grandchildren up from the airport when the accident occurred. It states that Sidell was setting the table when glassware fell from the table and caused a severe laceration in her foot. The wound started to bleed profusely and she was barely able to call for help. Sidell then dialed "0" and a Comcast operator answered, she requested help, but the operator could not determine Sidell's address. Police or Fire Department could not determine the address for several critical minutes.

Finally rescue arrived 17 minutes after the initial call for help. By this time, Sidell had passed out and was unresponsive to emergency services call at the door. They proceeded to leave the scene without further investigation. Seymour arrived home some time later; his wife was dead on the floor.

The initial lawsuit was filed against Comcast for the death of Sidell Reiner. However, Seymour intends to file suit against the city for their negligent handling of the 911 call which resulted in Sidell's death.

The death of a loved one from a tragic accident can be disastrous to both friends and family. But, when a Florida Wrongful Death is filed from the mishandling of a 911 call the city could be liable if their actions contributed to the injury or death. If you or a loved one has been injured or died because of the negligence of another party, contact a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyerto discuss what legal remedies might be available to you.