Teen Girls are Twice as Likely to have a Jacksonville Automobile Accident than Teen Boys

March 29, 2012

Jacksonville Personal Injury LawyerAs Jacksonville's youth age, more and more teen drivers are hitting our motorways. These youthful drivers, although inexperienced at driving, are no novice to texting, social media, and making phone calls on their cell phones. However, when you combine these two, a Jacksonville Automobile Accident could result. Additionally, teen girls are twice as likely to be distracted while driving when compared to their male counterparts.

A recent study, by AAA, studied and scrutinized some 8,000 videos of unsupervised teen drivers. Surprisingly, researchers discovered teen girls were twice as likely to be distracted than boys when considering cell phone use. The study group was teenagers between the age 16 and 18 years old. AAA wants to urge parents and teens alike to enforce good driving habits and to put down the cell phone while operating an automobile.

Robert Kissinger, a AAA researcher, stated "the sooner we learn better habits, the sooner we get a more safer driving culture, if you will, the safer we'll all be on the nation's highways." As a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer this is a valid statement. Distracted drivers, young or old, cause a multitude of Jacksonville Automobile Accidents. However, Jacksonville Distracted Drivers do not take into consideration the risk involved to answer that "So important" text or check "Facebook updates." Unfortunately, this distraction leads to accidents that result in injuries or even death to innocent victims. Therefore, if you or a loved one have been injured in an automobile accident by a distracted driver, contact a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer today.