Yulee Woman Dies from Injuries Sustained in Traffic Accident

March 31, 2012

Jacksonville Personal Injury AttorneyLast week, Shirley McClellan, of Yulee near Fernandina Beach, Florida was involved in a tragic accident that ultimately took her life. Two others were also involved in this accident and taken to Local Florida Hospitals for medical treatment. Florida Police stated all were wearing safety belts and do not believe that alcohol was a contributing factor. However, as the Florida Police continue to investigate, Criminal Charges may arise if warranted.

The accident occurred during the early morning hours of Thursday March 22, 2012. According to the reports, Gennie McClellam was driving her Nissan sedan westbound on A1A when she attempted to turn onto I-95 South. Unfortunately, she turned directly into the path of an oncoming log truck. The truck driver was not able to stop or prevent the collision and collided with the passenger side of the sedan. Shirley McClellan was killed instantly and the other two were taken to the Hospital for medical treatment.

Although, as a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer will tell you the driver of the sedan, Gennie, could be facing Yulee Criminal Charges for failure to yield and causing the death of another. However, the pain does not end there. As a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer the driver of the sedan could be facing Yulee Personal Injury Claims as well. An injured victim of a Yulee Car Accident can bring Yulee Personal Injury Claims. In this case, the truck driver could bring a civil suit against the driver of the sedan. This is even so if the truck driver is determined to be at fault, to a degree. In Jacksonville, Florida and across the state, the Courts follow a Contributory Fault. This means an at-fault party may recover from the other Negligence party, but their recovery would be reduced by the percentage of fault attributed to them.

A Yulee Personal Injury Claim can become cumbersome and time consuming, especially when dealing with injuries or the loss of a loved one. Therefore, the advice and counsel of a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer could prove to be invaluable in your case. As a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer I can review your case, negotiate with the insurance companies, to make sure your rights are being protected, and to get you the compensation you are entitled to. I offer FREE consultations and have offices located in Jacksonville, San Marco, and the Jacksonville Beach Area.