Beach Blvd. Accident leave 2 injured in Jacksonville

April 9, 2012

Jacksonville Personal Injury AttorneyAccidents can happen and sometimes they happen at the most inopportune times. Following a Jacksonville Car Accident, you are left with injuries, unanswered questions, and not knowing where to turn. That is where the assistance, guidance, and counsel of a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer could prove to be invaluable. A recent Jacksonville accident demonstrates this point.

Saturday around 10AM Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) responded to a two-car collision on Beach Blvd and 295 in Jacksonville. JSO has stated one vehicle was traveling West on Beach when he ran the red light. At the same time, another driver was exiting 295 and was struck by the at-fault party. The two drivers were taken to a local Florida Hospital for treatment.

This Jacksonville car accident brings about several aspects that a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer can analyze and determine the best approach in getting you compensated for your injuries and losses. First, the at-fault party ran a red light. Therefore, he violated a Florida Statute. This makes him strictly liable for the injuries he caused. Meaning, you do not have to prove fault, you just have to prove he violated a Florida Statute. Also, JSO has stated Jacksonville Criminal Charges are pending. Some might think a traffic citation is good evidence of fault, however, in Jacksonville proof of a traffic citation is inadmissible in Court.

So, based upon the facts presented in this accident, the at-fault party would be strictly liable for the damages, regardless of the admissibility of the traffic citation into Court. If you find yourself or a loved one a victim of a Jacksonville Car accident, contact a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer today. I can review your case, determine the at-fault party, and get you the compensated for your losses.