Distracted Driver's Plague Jacksonville

April 17, 2012

Jacksonville Personal Injury AttorneyApril marks the beginning of "National Distracted Driving Awareness Month" in Jacksonville and across our Nation. This time, Jacksonville will not only see an increase of Police presence, but some Local Attorneys have taken personal interest in preventing Distracted Driver's in Jacksonville. As a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer, I have seen numerous cases where a distracted driver hits another vehicle simply because they were not paying attention. Unfortunately, sometimes these collisions end in severe injuries or even death!

This recent campaign, by local Jacksonville Attorneys, is geared towards high school students and the amount of accidents caused every year by Jacksonville teen drivers. One of the Spokesmen for the campaign spoke out about the distracted teens and stated "Cell phone increases the risk of an accident by 4 times. Texting is greater than 20 times" compared to non-distracted teens. These attorneys and others are going to be giving presentations at local high schools to better inform students of the risks and dangers involved in texting and driving.

As a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer this is a great Idea. Awareness is the first step in preventing future accidents. Although texting and driving is still not illegal in Florida, it is very dangerous. Not to mention, your liability in the event you cause an accident. An injured party can recover for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, just to name a few avenues for recovery.

Therefore, if you find yourself injured as a result of a Distracted Driver, contact a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer to discuss what legal remedies may be available in your case. I offer FREE consultations and have three convenient offices located in San Marco, Jacksonville, and the Jacksonville Beach area.