13 Injured in JTA Bus Accident

April 9, 2012

Mandarin Personal Injury AttorneyThe Monday commute for most Jacksonville residents was like all other Mondays, long and full of traffic congestion. Unfortunately, for 13 JTA bus commuters their Monday commute was unlike any other. This morning a JTA bus swerved into an SUV and then struck a pole before coming to a stop. The impact caused 13 people to be sent to the hospital for neck and back injuries. Police are still investigating but they believe the bus driver may have suffered a medical emergency before the crash.

As a Mandarin Personal Injury Attorney, accidents like these are becoming far too common. People place their lives and safety in the hands of the Jacksonville Transit Authority to transport them from one place to another. As a passenger you expect and are afforded a since of safety and an obligation to prevent injury during the commute. However, these passengers were given shock, fear, and potentially severe injuries. As a result, many will have valid claims against JTA for Mandarin Personal Injuries.

If you were a victim of this recent JTA accident or have been injured while commuting on public transportation, contact a Mandarin Personal Injury Attorney today. I can review your accident, make the proper determination as to the at-fault party, communicate with the Insurance Company, and make sure your rights are being protected. I offer FREE consultations and have three convenient offices located in San Marco, Jacksonville, and the Jacksonville Beach area.