New Personal Injury Protection Law Hurts San Marco Injury Victims

April 4, 2012

San Marco Personal Injury AttorneyAs a San Marco Personal Injury Attorney, I strive to keep myself informed as to new legislation that may affect the lives of my clients. Such a law just made its way through Florida Legislation. This new Florida law regulates the maximum amount of personal injury protection (called "PIP") that certain medical providers can bill to insurance companies. Furthermore, it mandates that only certain medical providers can establish the required "emergency medical condition." This mandate limits the type of medical treatment one receives after an accident. Even if that treatment is in the best interest of the San Marco injury victim.

One major medical field limited by this new law is Chiropractors. Therefore, effectively leaving out a substantial portion of caregivers who typically help victims of car accidents or other personal injury accidents recover to the standard of living as they were before the accident.

Under the law, only the enumerated medical providers can bill insurance companies up to $10,000. Those not listed, such as chiropractors, can only bill insurance companies up to $2500!! The result is that San Marco injury victims will be limited in their options when seeking the treatment that will ultimately reduce their pain and suffering and make them feel whole again. Basically, San Marco injury victims will suffer at the hands of this new PIP law.

The law will likely be contested and possibly overturned, but in the meantime, injury victims should consult with a San Marco Personal Injury Attorney to discuss their options for treatment. A San Marco Personal Injury Attorney can assist you or your loved one during this tough time and can fight against the insurance companies to get you the medical attention you need. I offer FREE consultations and have offices located in San Marco, Jacksonville, and Jacksonville Beach.